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Five to ThriveTM

The McArthur Foundation, in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic, conducted a 10-year study on aging and determined lifestyle choices account for 70 percent of how well we age. Within that 70 percent, five key areas have been determined to have a direct impact on healthy aging: Life Activity, Material Security, Physical and Functional Fitness, Cognitive Efficacy, and Social Resources. At Avenida Palm Desert, we've created a resident enrichment program that addresses these five key areas. We call it Five to ThriveTM.

Avenida Palm Desert


40445 Portola Ave Palm Desert, CA 92260

Each month, you will have the opportunity to envision and engage in a myriad of classes, programs, events, and social opportunities that support your passions and enhance your overall quality of life. We offer a host of physically invigorating, mentally enriching, and socially stimulating activities and resources specially designed for your enjoyment and enrichment. 

Avenida Palm Desert Five to Thrive Calendar

Your Avenida Palm Desert Wellness Calendar is updated monthly and includes:

  • Fitness classes with certified instructor
  • Social events 
  • Educational classes & lectures
  • Creative Arts programs, concerts, etc.
  • Community involvement opportunities
  • Resident Councils, clubs & committees

Interested in leading one of these classes or clubs? Residents are encouraged to get involved and help us develop and evolve our Five to Thrive program, so you can have the opportunity to share your passions with the whole community.

Click here to view our sample Wellness Calendar and then contact us for further information on the lifestyle waiting for you in our 55+ active adult community. 

Seniors riding bikes at Avenida Palm Desert senior living apartments in Palm Desert, California