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5 to Thrive5 to Thrive

Think fit, home in on healthy and put your well-being in motion. At Avenida Naperville, we’re transforming daily life with a resident enrichment program built around wellness, designed to self-empower and tailor-made for you. And it means classes, events and happenings guided by a mix of team leaders and residents like yourself—so you can share your skills and knowledge with renewed purpose, tap into your interests, stay active and enjoy the moments, and all in the healthiest way. To view our current monthly Newsletter and Wellness Calendar, click the buttons below.

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There’s something so engaging about pursuing the things that matter. It’s staying active, curious and mindful to choose. Trying something new. And nurturing your mental, emotional and physical well-being so you can take on each day and make an impact. Because life is about thinking positively, expressing yourself, living to the fullest and truly being present. And time spent in the moment is simply time well spent.

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LIVE Confidently

Keep peace of mind top of mind. Whether it’s safety, financial security and planning, wills and trusts or preventing fraud and illnesses, we’ll help you ensure your bases are covered and you’re in charge of what’s to come. It means being financially smart, focusing on yourself and living confidently. Because nothing says the good life like one without worry—especially when it’s all about your comfort.

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LIVE in Motion

Elevate your daily routine and take physical fitness to the next level. A healthy mix of carefully curated classes and wellness leaders will cater to your interests, needs and strengths, taking you on a wellness journey that’s perfectly fit and true to you. It’s an enjoyable experience in every sense, and it’s all just as invigorating as it is personal.

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LIVE and Learn

Good things come to those who are curious. And there’s nothing like an exercise in stimulating the mind. From expressing yourself in the most creative sense to learning from a class led by community leaders or neighbors, it’s about staying sharp, thinking with confidence and continuing to grow—and it’s self-empowering in every kind of way.

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LIVE Connected

To live well is to live connected. Sharing in the moments. Celebrating triumphs. Engaging in group discoveries. Because here, we belong to something bigger, and it’s more than the life we lead. It’s being part of a community and the greater meaning we pursue with one another. And it’s the kind of togetherness you’ll only find at Avenida Naperville.

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