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Active Adult Living Vs Staying at Home


After many years dedicated to your career, raising your children, and meeting lifelong goals, your retirement years can be the best time of your life. While this is the time to finally focus on you and your wellness and enjoy your retirement, the big question is: Where?

Many people express their fears about aging, and two predominant reasons are security and comfort. But you also may have other concerns such as having adult children, grandchildren, and other loved ones nearby while having the ability to lead a worry-free home life in retirement. These and other considerations may prompt you to consider whether your best life can be lived at home or at an Active Adult Living community.

The Desire for Warmth, Familiarity, and Fulfillment: It’s never an easy decision to leave your home where you’ve created wonderful memories over the course of a full life. It often comes down to the choice between moving out of the home where you may have lived the most productive and happiest years of your life weighed against the benefits of moving to an Active Adult Living community. Weighing both options comes down to asking some of the following questions that can clarify your options and help you take the bold step:

  • Do you want a home free of chores and unplanned expenses that fulfills your needs for comfort and a personalized way of life?
  • Are you still close to friends, activities, healthcare facilities, and shopping where you are? Does that meet your needs for a full life?
  • What does true independence mean for you?

While you ponder on these questions, don’t forget that change is a part of growth. Don’t let your life stop at the point where you can have more, and more may be what an Active Adult Living community can provide.

The best Active Adult Living communities are designed to solve the challenges while fulfilling the desires of making the most of retirement years. They do this by creating very comfortable, convenient, beautiful, trouble-free, amenity-driven, and comfortable environments for seniors in some of the best locales, climates, and communities around the country.

How do you intend to spend your retirement years? Mowing your lawn? Fixing that broken appliance? Going back and forth to the grocery store or to the doctor? Your home holds beautiful memories, but can it provide everything you want and need in what can be the best years of your life?

You’ve reached a time in life where it is all about you, so maybe living in and maintaining a home may not be part of the plan of a life of fun and leisure. While the family home carries memories of a full life, it may not be conducive to a full life focused on you. Is Active Adult Living the better choice for getting everything you want out of this potentially great stage of life?

Living Well Affordably: Nothing compares to living in your home upon retirement; it is your safe space after all. That notwithstanding, maintaining your home and keeping up with the daily expenses that come with it can’t be overlooked.

Living independently in the comfort and convenience of your home is an event to look forward to, but you could be making sacrifices in both those areas due to the unforeseen and unplanned expenses that come with being a homeowner. From faulty appliances to leaky roofs, the list is constantly growing. Add to that list property taxes, HOA dues, pool and gardening maintenance, homeowner’s insurance, in-home care costs, and a host of other unexcepted expenses? Tending those concerns can take time away from enjoying life and take away from the savings that could be devoted to your enjoyment of life. Most importantly, will you feel isolated and alone in your own home? Or would you prefer to live in a community that provides endless programming activities and a rich environment in which you can make new friends and connect with others?

The right Active Adult Living community can provide the same benefits of living in a traditional home without any of the unexpected downsides of fluctuating expenses. The ideal community can deliver luxurious living along with all the amenities that you could ever want close by.

Giving yourself the independent life that you have earned and deserve means weighing the things that are most important to you and deciding if they can best be fulfilled by staying at home or with a move to an Active Adult Living community. You already know what joys and compromises staying at home may bring you, so it's a good time to see how the right Active Adult Living community can stack up against it or possibly surpass it.

Every day of your life has been about growth and change. An Active Adult Living Community may provide the perfect environment for life-fulfilling adventures to make the most of your retirement years with more benefits than you can imagine.

To find out if its right for you, start by doing your own research, visiting facilities, and asking lots of questions. Decide what’s important for you and start designing the next chapter of your life. Our team is always available to answer your questions and guide you in the right direction, so feel free to contact us.

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