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Getting off the Dime: Is It Time for You to Get Moving?


Guest blog by Cindy J. Natsch from Let's Get Moving!

In the conversation of “getting off the dime,” I’m not really speaking about money here, although that could be a powerful motivator to move to a smaller home setting. I’m really speaking about the motivation to “get moving.” Consider this: how many times have you had the idea to repaint a room because the sun has changed one wall color to a color you can’t even describe? How many times do you wish you were cleaning two bathrooms instead of three, or really don’t even want to clean much beyond your kitchen sink?

Most of us come to a point in life that the phrase “less is more” has increased meaning. After helping individuals and families “rightsize” for over 13 years, we have met countless individuals who are completely overwhelmed with their current home. Their space is either too big, too demanding, or just doesn't fit changing lifestyle wants/needs.

Most of us have the ability to procrastinate or “think an idea” to a point of inertia or overwhelm. And when this happens, we stall. We stall, we get overwhelmed, and we don’t want to move—literally or figuratively! So, what can we do to help ourselves get moving?

Let’s explore the motivations to rightsize first. We’ve noticed four trends why people ultimately rightsize:

  • Desire to be closer to kids and grandkids
  • Financial considerations
  • Declining health of a family member
  • Yearning to be unencumbered

Are you considering rightsizing because of one of these common motivators? If not, you might just need a catalyst. A catalyst is defined as something or someone that provokes or speeds significant change or action. In some cases, such as of running out of money to support your current home, the motivation is also the catalyst, and you must react before someone else starts making decisions for you.

For those of you that are proactive and excited about a new home, you might not be fueled with urgency but momentary bursts of “What am I doing?” Your catalyst may very well be a conversation with a friend who’s already rightsized and is enjoying the benefits.

Regardless of your situation, the first step is to create a master plan and timeline. With calendar in hand, consider these tips to help you get moving:

  1. Start from your imaginary move date and work backwards.
  2. Don’t tackle this by yourself; identify your resources (i.e., who can help and what experience do they bring to the table).
  3. Acknowledge that sorting your closets, paperwork, and pictures are often the biggest stressors, and set a reasonable timeframe for each.
  4. Work one room at a time when sorting.
  5. Research methods to sell, donate, or gift items you are not taking with you.
  6. Remember daily why you have made the decision to rightsize; dangle your own carrot and keep yourself looking at the reasons why this is such a good idea.

While there is so much more to share and say on this topic, for now, the hope is that you seek your own motivation, take the first steps to live lighter, and experience the relief of simpler living!

Cindy J. Natsch is Owner/Founder of Let’s Get Moving! Specializing in helping individuals and families in the greater Nashville area conquer being overwhelmed during downsizing and decluttering. Cindy and the LGM Team can be reached at 615.599.6787 or info@letsgetmoving.net. Visit the LGM website at www.letsgetmoving.net.

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