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The Importance of Safe Exercise


Research suggests there are so many wonderful benefits from exercise at any age, but the benefits are especially notable for seniors. Exercise can increase muscle power, endurance, and overall reaction time, which prevents falls or fall-related injuries. Please see the detailed list below to better understand more of the benefits of exercise:

  • Increased Independence due to stronger muscles, increased endurance, and decreased fall risk

  • Increased immune system, thus less likely to become ill

  • Increased digestive system, thus better regulated digestion

  • Improved blood pressure, thus decreasing risk of heart attack and stroke

  • Decreased risk of getting diabetes and better diabetes control for those already diagnosed with diabetes

  • Increased bone density, thus less susceptible to broken bones

  • Decreased risk of getting Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Decreased risk of becoming obese

  • Decreased risk of developing heart disease

  • Decreased risk of getting certain types of cancers

  • Decreased risk of developing osteoporosis

All these benefits are helpful in living an active, independent lifestyle, and independence is certainly a trait most seniors want to maintain for as long as possible.

Using fitness equipment is a great way to engage in regular exercise, and many senior living communities offer fitness centers with an abundance of equipment. The equipment at these fitness centers is usually available to residents to use at their own risk, though, so knowledge of how to use the equipment is necessary to ensure safety. Plus, to further ensure safety, seniors should try to establish a baseline of health and fitness before beginning an exercise regimen to monitor changes and prevent injuries from occurring. A fitness assessment with a Doctor of Physical Therapy is therefore a great way for seniors to safely start a new exercise regimen. The doctor can determine where a senior is in their fitness, educate them on what equipment would be most beneficial for them, and instruct them on how to use that equipment.

Avenida Cool Springs offers a wide variety of exercise classes as part of the Five to Thrive resident enrichment program, as well as a well-equipped fitness center. To encourage new residents to get exercising and stay healthy, Avenida has partnered with Dr. Lauren Simpson, owner of Dynamic Physical Therapy, to offer concierge physical therapy services. Dr. Simpson is very passionate about helping adults live a healthy and independent lifestyle, and she has volunteered to provide free fitness assessments and give equipment orientation to all residents upon moving to Avenida. Residents that wish to continue utilizing Dr. Simpson’s one-on-one concierge physical therapy services can schedule sessions that are conveniently provided in the comfort of their own apartment home.

Exercise is most beneficial when it is done safely, and utilizing the services of a physical therapist ensures that seniors are staying safe while staying active.

About the Author

Dr. Lauren Simpson is the owner of Dynamic Physical Therapy, and she has over 11 years of experience working with the adult population as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. If you need help getting started on an individualized exercise program, contact Dynamic Physical Therapy for a fitness assessment at Info@DPTassociates.com or (615) 987-3343.

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